The Art of Alexis Palmaffy


    Etching is a printmaking process with a rich and beautiful history that dates back to times long gone. Traditionally, the artist prepares and polishes a copper plate that will carry their image. There are many was to make an impression on the plate, usually by first applying a wax ground. The image is hand transferred, and the wax is removed using a fine tool. The plate is then submerged in a acidic solution for an extended amount of time. As the plate bathes, the areas of exposed copper become etched into the plate. The plate is then removed from the acid, and inked by hand. Areas that have been eaten away by the acid will hold ink. Ink is selectively removed from the plate to create tonalities and shading. Engraving and Drypoint etching is done without acid, instead the artist draws directly into the plate using sharp tools.

What is Chine Colle’ ?

     Chine Colle’ is a process similar to collage. The plate is inked normally, and different papers are placed on top of the inked plate. They are cut to size to fit within the designs of the plate. A plant based glue is then applied to the back of the papers. When the plate is run through the press, The papers will stick to the backing sheet, and then the inked plate will print on top of them. Each print that is printed with Chine Colle' is one of a kind. My favorite paper sources are from old books and magazines as well as vinyl record sleeves.

All etchings available through my store were hand printed by the artist at Argos Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico. It is with great respect for this printmaking studio that I share them with you here. :: Thumbs up:::