"Master of Reality" Original Etching

Image of "Master of Reality" Original Etching

What does it mean to MASTER reality? The true master understands the unspoken secret wisdom of ancient ancestors and knows all is illusion. This works in his or her favor as a person is liberated completely to live freely in between worlds. This etching was inspired by the notion of the tarot card... " The Hanged Man. " It was also inspired by the union of opposites, as composed by the 2 conjoining plates that mimic the form of a Venn diagram.

This is an original etching, hand printed by the artist in Santa Fe, New Mexico. It was printed using 2 spherical copper plates that need to be lined up perfectly. The print features different collaged papers using a process called chine colle' and is printed on heavy weight arches cover black paper. Signed and Numbered by the artist. Sweet!!!