Great Gig in the Sky Original Watercolor

Image of Great Gig in the Sky Original Watercolor

This watercolor measures 18 x 14.75 inches. I painted this piece while sitting with the idea of my own & our own, mortality. I asked simple questions like where do we go when we die, what color is gods eye, what does creation look like? all the while listening to the amazing vocal performance on the 4th track of Dark Side of The Moon, The Great Gig in The Sky. I listened to many different versions, and had the feeling that music and vibration is what ushers us into creation and carries us out. I feel and know that angels speak through vibration. In this piece, an undulating cosmic portal containing an all knowing eye floats above the angel of death, who sings the same song every night & every day. She sings to the unborn souls that crowd the skies, waiting to manifest into existence. Look at this piece, crank "The Great Gig in the Sky" & you will understand what i'm talking about.