Death of Narcissus Etching - Muted Earth Tones

Image of Death of Narcissus Etching - Muted Earth Tones

This 8 x 10 original etching was hand printed by the artist using an etched copper plate in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The marbled blue and burnt umber earth tones throughout were achieved using a layered collage technique called chine colle' The thin paper used in this process hangs over the upper and lower perimeter, and is surrounded by a 2 inch deckled border. There is only one of this print available, and it is part of an open variable edition. It will arrive signed and numbered by the artist. The detail in this piece is stunning, and is best appreciated in real life!

This print references the mythological story of Narcisuss and the idea of reincarnation. Narcissus was a young man who was so in love with his image that he drowned in the very water that held his reflection. The death of the ego is a painful yet necessary process to understand ones purpose in life... and reveals the sensitive emotions that make up our own mortality. This print holds deep meaning about the journey of life, death, and letting go. What does this print bring up for you?