Dead Head Skull Henna Candles

Image of Dead Head Skull Henna Candles

This beautiful hand poured skull candle is such a powerful tool with so many uses.
Be creative!
You could burn this candle as an offering to connect with ancestors or loved ones who have crossed over.
This candle invites you to appreciate the fleeting gift of life & contemplate what it means to be fully present in the moment.

Adorned by hand with Henna Magic & intention in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
This item is hand poured in soy wax & measures 3 inches tall by 4 inches across.
Your skull candle will burn for approximately 20 hours.
Each candle is freeform decorated & will be decorated intuitively based on the theme selected.
For custom candle adornment, please send me a message with decorating instructions. This can include, personal Names, dates, quotes, etc.
Thank you!
*Please burn this candle responsibly
*Burn within sight, & do not leave unattended.
*Keep away from children & pets
* Keep away from things that can catch fire